Azure RMS to AIP Unified Label Migration 3

This is a final part where the Unified Label feature activated and the Classic Labels will be migrated from Azure Portal to Security and Compliance Portal.

To activate the Unified Labelling option, login to Azure Portal as a Global Administrator, search for Azure Information Protection and open it. On the Manage section, you will see the Unified Labelling option, select Activate to use the Microsoft Information Protection Unified Labelling service.

Prior to the activation, if you see the Security and Compliance Portal, there won’t be any labels available. You can click on the Go to Azure Information Protection to migrate labels options

All the classic labels now showing in Security and Compliance Portal.

If you see the label policies options, the Unified Label policies are not deployed so far.

If we look at endpoint when the label policies are not created/published, end user will not see any behavior change. Now the classic label policies or the unified label policies not published and the endpoints will continue to see the templates only.

User1 is not using Unified Labelling client (always connects to Security and Compliance Portal) and showing as connected but the UL client is not able to download the policies because it is not published.

But User1 can see the RMS Templates.

User2 using AIP classic client (Always connects to AIP portal) showing as connected to AIP service but the labels are not showing up because of it was not published.

Only the AIP Templates available for protection capabilities.

Publishing AIP Unified Label Policy

I have published the AIP labels with all the 3 unifed Labels

Now the Unfied Labelling client in User1 machine is able to see th labels.

When composing an email in OWA, you will see the sensitivity label option as it is published now and you can select the unified labels.

User2 sending a Sensitivity labelled email with PDF attached.

User1 can open the email and can see the PDF showing as protected.

Same email, which was protected in OWA using Sensitivity Label, showing the attached PDF as protected.

When opening the protected PDF, it is prompting for authentication for user validation.

When we use unified label, outlook for mobile will have the capability to apply a sensitivity label to protect the emails. In addition, the contents in Office 365 services can be applied with those unified label.

We may see an update or communication that when a PDF attached in Outlook and a sensitivity label then the PDF may get inherit the protection.

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